Restoring the SAP HANA Database


Restore the SAP HANA database to the same or different client in the event of a disaster.

Before You Begin

  • On the destination client, set the SrcCrossClient environmental variable in the SAP HANA BACKINT parameter file to the host where you performed the backup.

    For information on required and optional parameters, see SAP HANA BACKINT Configuration Parameters.


  1. Start the SAP HANA Studio.

  2. In the SAP HANA System view, right-click the destination_host, click Backup and Recovery and then click Recover System.

    The SAP HANA Recovery Wizard starts, and the SAP HANA software automatically places the destination database in the right state to perform a restore.

  3. Proceed to the Locate Log Backups screen. In the Source System box, type the SAP HANA source database SID. This is the SAP HANA SID for the database that you backed up.

    You must change theĀ  Source System value to the source database SID so that SAP HANA can retrieve the backups.

    Note: If you leave this screen and then click the Back or Next buttons to return to it, the Source System value is set back to the destination host SID.

  4. Proceed to the Select a Backup screen. Select the backup that you want to restore

  5. Complete the restore.

For more information, consult the SAP HANA documentation.