Logging On to a CommServe Server Using Commvault NOW


After the Commvault NOW app is installed, open it and do the following:

  1. In the Username and Password boxes, type the login credentials for the CommServe server.

    If you enabled secure connection on the Web Server (for example, your web server uses HTTPS), tap the Secure button after providing the logon credentials.

    Note: A valid SSL certificate that is signed by a trusted certificate authority, such as VeriSign, is required. If your certificate is self-signed, you cannot log on.

  2. To connect to the CommServe, in the Webserver box, type the web server address.

    For example, type mobile.domain.company.com.

  3. Tap Login.

This account is saved for future access. If you used different accounts to access the CommServe server, or if you logged on to more than one CommServe server, you can tap the icon to select the account that you want to use. After selecting the account, type the password, and then tap Login.