Logging On Using a PIN with Two-Factor Authentication (End-User)


After the Administrator notifies you that two-factor authentication (which is a form of multi-factor authentication) is enabled in the CommCell environment, a password and a PIN are required to log on to the CommCell environment through the following interfaces:

  • Command Center

  • CommCell Console

  • Web Console

  • Command Line

  • Mobile Applications such as CommVault Edge and Commvault NOW

Before You Begin

You must acquire a PIN through email or through a PIN generating tool. For information on acquiring a PIN, see Acquiring a PIN.


  • PINs acquired through email are valid for 30 minutes.

  • PINs acquired through a PIN generating tool are valid for 30 seconds.


  1. Open the interface you want to log on to.

    For example, go to the Web Console site.

  2. Enter your credentials as follows:

    1. For your user name, enter your CommCell user name.

    2. For your password, enter your password followed by the PIN.

      Do not add a space between your password and the PIN.

  3. Continue logging on.