Salesforce Connected App for Integrating with APIs


To integrate the Commvault software with Salesforce APIs, in Salesforce you must create a connected app that uses the OAuth authorization protocol.

Note: When you create the connected app, record the Consumer Key and the Consumer Secret. You will enter those values when you add the Salesforce organization to the Commvault software.

Use the following parameters and values to create the connected app:



Connected App

Any unique name

API Name

Any unique name

Enable OAuth Settings

Select this option

Callback URL

https://Command Center_webhost/commandcenter/#/oauthCallback/

Selected Oauth Scope

Full access (full)

If you will connect to Salesforce using OAuth, also add Perform requests on your behalf at any time (refresh_token, offline_access).

Refresh Token Policy

If you will connect to Salesforce using OAuth, select Refresh token is valid until revoked.