Restoring Gmail and Google Drive Out of Place


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You can perform an out-of-place restore operation to a physical disk that is attached to a client that has the Cloud Apps package installed on it.

You can perform the restore operation on a default subclient or on a user-defined subclient that has been backed up at least one time.


  1. From the navigation pane, click Protect > Applications > G Suite.

    The G Suite apps page appears.

  2. Click an app.

    The app page appears.

  3. From the Subclients section, follow any one of these methods to perform a restore operation:

    • In the Actions column for the subclient, click the action button , and then click Restore.

    • Click a subclient that you want to restore, and then, on the subclient page, click Restore.

      The Backup content page appears.

  4. From the upper-right of the page, select the backups to restore.

    • To use the most recent backup, click Show latest backups.

    • To use a backup from a specific date, click Show backups as of a specific date, select a date, and then select the backup.

    • To use a backup from a date range, click Show backups for a date range, select a date range, and then select the backup.

  5. Select one or more users whose user accounts you want to restore, and then click Restore.

    The Restore options dialog box appears.

  6. Specify how you want to restore the data:

    • Restore to original folder: To perform an out-of-place restore operation, clear this check box.

    • Destination server: The data is restored on the destination server. Select a client that has the Cloud Apps package installed, and is attached to the physical disk to which you want to restore the data.

    • Destination path: Click Browse to choose a folder on the physical disk attached to the destination client that you selected.

    • Overwrite if it already exists: You can overwrite files and folders on the destination client with the files and folders that you are restoring.

  7. Click Submit.


  • A restore job is created. You can monitor the job progress, kill the job, or suspend the job. For information about monitoring all the jobs in the Command Center environment, see Jobs.

  • Mailboxes and files are restored in .mbox format on the destination client.