Managing SAP HANA Subclients


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You can configure the subclient properties:

  • The server plan that the software uses for backups

  • The number of data streams that the software uses for backups

Note: You cannot modify the subclient content.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Protect > Databases.

    The Instances page appears.

  2. Click the instance.

    The instance page appears.

  3. On the Overview tab, in the Databases table, click the database that you want to add a subclient to.

    The database page appears.

  4. In the Subclients table, click Add subclient.

    The Add subclient dialog box appears.

  5. In the Subclient Name box, type the subclient name.

  6. From the Plan list, select the server plan.

  7. Under Performance, in the Parallel data backup backint channels box, enter the number of parallel backint channels to use for the backups when the backup size is more than 128 GB.

  8. Click OK.