Inventory Details Page


The inventory details page shows information about the inventory configurations, security, and assets.


  • Index server

    The Index Server associated to the inventory.

  • Created on

    The time the inventory was created.


  • User/Group

    The user or user group that is associated to the inventory.

  • Permission

    The permission assigned to the user or user group.

  • Edit

    Edit or add security associations.

  • Show inherited association

    View associations that are inherited from other user or user group associations.


The servers or domains that are included in the inventory.

Tip: To modify the columns in the table, in the upper right of the table, click the menu button and select the columns that you want to view.

  • Name

    The name of the asset.

  • Type

    The type of asset, either file server or identity server (domain).

  • Status

    The current status of the data collection job for the asset.

  • Last collection time

    The date and time of the previous data collection job for the asset.