Monitoring and Risk Analysis with Activate


After you configure Activate and add inventories and data sources, you can analyze the data in your environment for potential risk due to violations (such as which files are missing retention settings) or the presence of personally identifiable information (PII) in your documents.

The following table lists some common methods of risk analysis that you can perform with Activate:

Analysis Goal


View high-level information about levels of risk in your environment.

  • View the dashboards for the Activate entity that you want to analyze.

    For more information, see Dashboards.

Create a list of the documents with violations or PII.

  1. Create a project.

  2. Add data sources.

  3. Export a list of files from the data source review page.

Discover and resolve files with potential exposure.

  1. Create a project.

  2. Add data sources.

  3. Identify and resolve instances of files with certain types of violations.