Creating a Mail Contact for the On-Premises Exchange Server


On the Exchange server, create a mail contact. The mail contact is the external email address of the ContentStore Mailbox that will receive the journal reports.

The domain name must be a non-existent domain. You must use the same domain for the remote domain, the mail contact, the Send connector, and the journal rules.

Tip: Create only one mail contact so that you do not create duplicate journal reports.

Before You Begin

You must have a thorough understanding of journaling and of managing mail contacts on the Exchange server. Consult the Microsoft documentation before you create a mail contact. For example, see the article on the Microsoft TechNet site that corresponds with your version of Exchange.


In this example, you create a mail contact using Windows PowerShell for a contact named Journal1.

  1. Start Windows PowerShell.

  2. To create a mail contact for the ContentStore Mailbox, type the following command:

    New-MailContact -Name "Journal1" -ExternalEmailAddress -OrganizationalUnit Users
  3. To hide the mail contact so that it does not appear the global address list, type the following command:

    Set-MailContact -Identity "Journal1" -HiddenFromAddressListsEnabled $true

What to Do Next

On the Exchange server, create the Send connector.