Recommendations for the Exchange Mailbox ContentStore Mailbox


To create an efficient SMTP journaling process, consider the following recommendations.

  • To avoid creating duplicate journal reports, create only one journal contact for the entire organization.

  • For high-availability and load balancing, configure at least two ContentStore Mail Servers (SMTP).

  • To achieve load balancing and fault tolerance, deploy one Send connector with multiple smart hosts (that is, the ContentStore Mail Servers (SMTP)).

  • If you have multiple ContentStore Mail Servers (SMTP), and you must perform maintenance on them, do so one server at a time so that the remaining servers can continue to receive messages. Do not disable all the servers at the same time.

  • To prevent the server from becoming overloaded, monitor the system resources by doing the following:

  • To prevent the loss of journaling reports, create an alternate journaling mailbox. If the journaling mailbox becomes unavailable, the alternate journal mailbox receives the journal reports until the journaling mailbox is available again. If you have an Office 365 with Exchange environment, creating an alternate journal mailbox is mandatory.

    For more information, consult Microsoft documentation. For example, see the article on the Microsoft TechNet site that corresponds with your version of Exchange.

  • Upload a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate and encrypt communications when you configure the ContentStore Mail Server (SMTP).