Installing the Commvault Provision Files for SAP LaMa Integration


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In order to integrate Commvault with SAP LaMa, you must download .zip file from the Commvault Store.


  1. On Commvault Store, navigate to Tools > Database , and then click SAP LaMa Operations.

    The SAP LaMa Operations page appears.

  2. To download the zip file, click Download.

  3. Unzip the .zip file, import the workflow and then deploy the file to the CommServe computer. For more information, see Importing a Workflow and Deploying a Workflow.

  4. Extract the file and the cvprovision.conf file, and then copy the files to the /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/operations.d/ directory on the source and destination clients.

  5. Set the permissions for the files to 755.

  6. If Commvault is not installed as "Instance001", then edit the file and set the INSTANCE parameter to the instance number that Commvault is installed on.