Adding Domains for Activate


If you plan to use Activate to analyze clients that have file system data, you can add all of the servers from a domain as potential data sources for Activate projects. The domains will be used to create inventories in Inventory Manager.

Before You Begin

Complete this procedure as part of the initial configuration of Activate. For more information, see Getting Started with Activate.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Manage > Security.

    The Security page appears.

  2. Click the Identity servers tile.

    The Identity servers page appears.

  3. Click Add.

    The Add domain dialog box appears.

  4. On the AD tab, provide the following information:

    1. From the Directory type list, select Active directory.

    2. In the NETBIOS name box, type the fully qualified domain name that you use to identify this network resource, for example,

    3. In the Domain Name box, type the fully qualified domain name, for example,

    4. In the User name and Password boxes, type the credentials for a user who has at least read permission for the domain.

  5. Click Save.

What to Do Next

In the Command Center, complete the setup wizard for Activate.