Performing a SAP LaMa Database Refresh


Database administrators can perform a refresh from the SAP LaMa provisioning console. The refresh uses the latest Commvault traditional or IntelliSnap source instance backup.

Before You Begin

Verify that all the instances are running.


  1. Perform the database refresh. For more information, see the SAP article Refreshing a Database. Proceed through the steps. You can use the default values for all steps except the following steps:

    1. On the Host Selection of Target System page, from the Type list, select Use existing target.

    2. On the Provisioning Release Configuration for System page, make sure that the Commvault provisions process is in the Hook field.


After you configure the operation, you can do any of the following:

  • Immediately run the operation.

  • Save the options as a template and run it later.

  • Save the options as a template and immediately run the operation.

You can monitor the job in the SAP LaMa console. To get detailed information, click on the Database Refresh job, then in the search box, type the custom provisioning script name.