Viewing the Health Report on Web Console Without a Private Metrics Reporting Server


You can view the Health Report on the Web Console even if there is no Private Metrics Reporting Server in the CommCell environment.

The Health Report contains only a few tiles in CommCell environments that are not installed with a Private Metrics Reporting Server. In each tile of the Health Report, you can view data only for the entities that are associated with your user account.

Before You Begin

To view the default reports on the Web Console, your CommCell user account requires: a role with the Report Management permission and an association with the CommCell entity, the Client Group, or the Client computer.


  1. Log on to Web Console.

  2. Click Reports.

  3. From the navigation pane, click Health.

  4. Configure the Health Report view:

    • To view information for only one severity type, from the severity filters, click Critical, Warning, Good, or Information.

    • To organize the tiles by category, at the top of the page, click View By > Category.

    • To organize the tiles by severity, at the top of the page, click View By > Severity.