SAP LaMa Integration with the Command Center


You can embed the Commvault Command Center in the SAP LaMa user interface so that you can perform Commvault backup and restore operations from the SAP LaMa interface.

Integrate Command Center by creating a custom tab in the SAP Landscape Management Automation Studio.

Before You Begin

Configure the Command Center so that you can view it in an iFrame. For more information, see Viewing the Command Center in an iFrame.


  1. In Automation Studio, under Design, on the Custom Tab tab, click Add.

    The Custom Tab Details page appears.

  2. Specify the following information:

    1. In the Name box, type a unique name to identify the Command Center.

    2. In the URL box, type the Command Center URL. The URL has the following format: http://webhost/commandcenter, for example,

    3. In the Description box, type information about the use, for example, "Commvault Backups and Restores".

    4. From the Target Screen list, select the location in the SAP LaMa Console for the Command Center, for example Overview.

    5. To display a custom tab in the location, select the Enable Custom tab check box.

    6. Click Save.


Command Center appears as a tab on the target screen selection.

What to Do Next

Go to the target screen, for example Overview. Refresh the page so that you can see the Command Center tab.

Log on to the Command Center, and then perform your backup and restore operations. For more information about Command Center, see Commvault Data Protection Solutions.