Report Selection (General)


CommCell Readiness Report

Use this dialog box to select the filter criteria to be included in the CommCell Readiness Report. The individual filter criteria are listed below.

On selection of Clients check:


If you select the Network button, the system checks on network connectivity between the CommServe, the MediaAgents, and the selected clients. If data interface pairs are configured, and if connectivity between even one of the pair fails, the client is reported as "Not Ready."


If you select the Resource/Capacity button, the system (1) checks the database to ensure that MediaAgents, libraries, and drive pools are online and (2) verifies that there is enough media/ disk capacity (e.g., spare media, free space) at the library level and (3) performs a space check to determine whether or not the client and/or MediaAgent has adequate space for  normal operations.  Either button activates the Client tab from which you select the filter criteria for the clients and agents to be included in the CommCell Readiness Report.

On selection of MediaAgents check:

Index Cache

If you select the Index Cache button, the system verifies the existence of the index cache location and checks the index cache label to see if the contents in the label are good on the selected MediaAgent's index cache. The MediaAgent(s) are selected for the CommCell Readiness Report via the MediaAgent tab.

Show Failed Components Only

If you select the Show Failed Components Only button, then for whichever selection is chosen (Network, Resource/Capacity, and/or Index Cache), the system only displays the failed items (i.e., items “not ready”).

Include Disabled Entities

If you select this option, the entities, such as subclients and clients, that have Enable Data Management disabled in the Activity Control tab in their respective Properties dialog box appear in the report. By default, the option is cleared and disabled entities are excluded from the report. However, disabled subclients appear in the report if they exist under enabled clients.

Save As

Click to save the selected options as a report template or as a script file.

When you save the operation as a script, each option in the dialog will have a corresponding xml parameter in the script file. When executing the script, you can modify the value for any of these XML parameters as needed.