General Tab for CommCell Configuration in the Report Selection Dialog Box


Select options to display data in the CommCell Configuration Report.


  • CommCell: Displays the complete configuration details of the CommCell.

  • Alerts: Displays the alert type, alert configuration details and user names configured to receive alerts.

  • Backup Networks: Displays the backup networks (formerly called data interface pairs) configured for the CommCell.

  • Remote Software Cache: Displays the designated CommServe Update Cache as well as the other configured update caches (Multicache Configuration). Details include the OS name, package name, service pack version and the respective updates.

  • User/User Groups: Displays the users created under the various user groups together with their rights and authentications.

  • Subclient Policy: Displays the type of Storage Policy, the user associated with it and the rights of the users.

  • Search Engine Information: Displays property information on the Search Engine.

  • Administrative Schedules: Displays the types of jobs that are run, their schedule, time zones they are set in and their destination paths.

  • Client Properties: Displays all information about client properties.

  • Software Cache Information: Displays all software updates and feature releases that are installed on the CommServe computer.

  • Outlook/Lotus Notes Add-in Clients: Displays a list of email clients installed on the CommCell.

  • Registry Keys: Displays the Registry Keys table that includes the settings configured for each registry key set on the CommServe computer.

  • Pre-processes and Post-processes: Displays the pre and post-processes configured on the CommServe computer.

  • Data Loss Protection: Displays information for laptops with Data Loss Prevention enabled.


  • Licenses: Displays the general License information for the CommCell.

  • License Details: Displays the license details like their expiration dates, installation dates etc.

Allow Dynamic Content

Includes a collapsible view of other client properties in the report.