Activating Your Laptop by Using Edge Monitor

If the administrator set up deployment in a way that requires you to activate your device after installation is complete, then you must activate your device to be considered the device owner and to have access to the Web Console and the operations in the Edge Monitor tool. Edge Monitor activation requires either your Web Console credentials or an email and password.

Edge Monitor also supports single sign-on login using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML).


  1. On Windows laptops, in the systems tray, right-click the Edge Monitor icon.

    On Mac laptops, in the status menu bar, click on the Edge Monitor icon.

    The User Laptop Registration dialog box appears.

  2. Provide the following details:

    1. Enter the name of the laptop in the Computer Name box. The computer name may be provided.

    2. Enter your Web Console credentials in the User Name and Password boxes.

      If SAML integration is enabled, enter the domain name\user name or the email address, and then press Tab. Edge Monitor automatically redirects to the Idp login screen to authenticate the user. If Active Directory (AD) users are authenticated using an IWA (Integrated Windows Authentication) server, then the IDP attempts a single sign-on login using the credentials of the AD user who is logged on to the computer.

    3. Optional: If you want to activate your laptop using the authorization code, click or use auth code, and in the Auth Code box, type the authorization code.

    4. Click Activate.


The end user is assigned as the owner of the device.