Activity Report Overview

The Activity Report provides information about the success of backup operations over the last 16 days and 12 months, including strikes, largest clients, slowest clients, and most frequent errors over the last day.

You can find the following information in this report:

  • The successful, partially successful, killed, and failed backup jobs over the last 16 days or 12 months, including counts for each day and each month.

  • The client strike counts and the slowest clients based on throughput in the last day.

  • A list of the largest clients over the last 30 days.

  • A list of the most frequent errors in the last 24 hours. You can click on any of the error codes to view a KnowledgeBase article that explains how to resolve the error.


Even if you do not select the Activity option in the Private or Cloud Metrics Reporting dialog box, you can view an incomplete Activity Report. The information in this incomplete Activity report comes from the set of data collection queries controlled by the CommCell Diagnostics and Usage option in the Private or Cloud Metrics Reporting dialog box. This does not indicate a security problem.
For specific information on the types of data collected from your CommServe computer, see Security for Cloud Metrics Reporting?

Where to Access the Report

You can view this report on the Command Center or the Web Console in CommCell environments where the Metrics Reporting Server is installed, or on the Cloud Services Portal in environments where Metrics data collection is turned on.