Security for Cloud Metrics Reporting

The data collected for Cloud Metrics Reporting is sent to the Cloud Services Portal and is used to help customers analyze the performance of their CommCell environments. The data is uploaded as an XML file and transmitted via HTTP/HTTPS using Transport Layer Security (TLS) or Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to a known Commvault endpoint (the Cloud Services Portal).

Information That Is Collected

Default data collection includes CommCell operational information such as the following:

  • Features that are used

  • Type and number of snapshot engines

  • Languages used, based on user log-ins

Also, you can configure to collect the following additional information:

  • Overall health of the CommCell environment, including the SLA performance over the last month and disaster recovery backup statistics, which help to identify the clients and policies that require adjustment

  • Job statistics including backup strikes over the last week, the largest clients over the last month, and the top errors over the last day

Information That Is Not Collected

To protect your organization's privacy, Commvault collects data only to gather statistics and graph data trends. For this reason, the software does not collect the following types of information:

  • Host names and IP addresses

  • File names and file paths

User Access to Data

Any administrator in your organization who has a Commvault Cloud account can see the dashboard and reports for your CommCell environment. All CommServe computers that are licensed to the same company are visible to all administrative users associated with that company. Any user who is registered to a single CommServe computer in your organization can see information for all CommServe computers in your organization.

Upload Requirements

To download and upload data, the CommServe computer must be able to connect to the following website: If the CommServe computer is not connected to the internet, then you can use any client computer in the CommCell environment that has internet access. For instructions, see Using an Internet Gateway for Metrics Reporting.