Adding a License in the Command Center

You can add or update licenses in the Command Center. CommCell licenses validate the products and features that you use in your CommCell environment.

You might need to add a new license in the following scenarios:

  • You are using an evaluation version of the license and the license is about to expire.

    Evaluation licenses are valid for 60 days. You can choose to extend the expiration date or to obtain a permanent license.

  • You want to add more Commvault products to your CommCell environment.

  • You want to change the branding settings of the Command Center. For example, display your company name and logo in the console.

Before You Begin

Obtain the new license from your software provider. To request a new license, on the Commvault Maintenance Advantage Customer Support portal, go to Product Registration & License Management. In this form, you must include your CommCell ID, Serial Number and Registration Code, which appears on the License page in the License details section.


  1. Log on to the Command Center.

  2. From the navigation pane, go to Administration > License.

  3. On the License and Registration page, click Update license.

  4. In the Update License dialog box, click Select license file, and then locate the license file.

  5. Click Apply.