Agentless Backup

Agentless backup for databases is designed for environments which have a restriction on installing software on the database server. Customers with such restrictions can use agentless backup to back up data to Commvault media. However, all backup and restore operations must be executed using the related database command line, and schedules must be triggered from the database server via crontab. Agentless backup supports only traditional streaming backups (for example, RMAN in the case of Oracle).

If there are no restrictions on installing software on the database server the agent-based solution should be used, rather than the agentless solution. The agent-based solution has more backup and restore automation features and backup jobs can be scheduled from the GUI or with automatic schedules. Along with traditional streaming backups, the agent-based solution also supports snapshot backups. In addition, streaming for long-term retention can be executed from non-production (proxy) servers.