Build Your Own Reports Overview

Create customized reports in your CommCell environment to view the data that is most useful to you.

Administrators build reports and end users consume reports. Administrators can deploy reports to the Dashboard on the Web Console where the report is built, publish reports to the Download Center for end users in remote CommCell environments, and export reports in XML format for end users in offline CommCell environments. Administrators can also clone reports and use the cloned report as the basis for new reports. In the Commvault Store, you can find the same report or a similar report that you want to create, and then customize it.

To create and deploy custom reports, the user must have administrative permissions on the CommServe server. Tenant administrators cannot create custom reports. End users who have access to a custom report can only view the report.


By design, there is no restriction on the queries an administrator can create, so report creators must be careful to not include sensitive information in their report queries.

Key Features

  • Create reports from data in any Commvault databases, such as the CommServe database.

  • Create reports from data in your organization's databases, such as SQL, MySQL, and Oracle.

  • Include data from multiple databases in the same report.

  • Use the intuitive drag-and-drop interface to create reports.

  • Add a variety of charts and tables—including line charts, horizontal charts, vertical charts, bar charts, and pie charts—in a single report.

  • Preview reports before deploying them.

  • Personalize reports to include data for specific users for a multi-tenant environment.

If you need help building reports, contact your Account Representative.

Building and Deploying Reports