Building and Deploying Reports

When you build a report, you are actually creating a report specification. This report specification defines the report queries that retrieve data, the table and chart styles, and the report layout used to present the data. Build reports based on database queries, and then add tables and charts to display the collected data.

Only the administrator who builds the report can view the report before it is deployed. When you save the report, it is available for you to view and edit in Report Management. If you want end users to view the report, you must deploy the report to the dashboard.

Before You Begin

  • Add a Data Set

  • To build and deploy reports, your CommCell user account requires a role with the Add Report permission and an association with the CommCell entity. With the Add Report permission, you will be able to edit or delete any report that you create. If you want to be able to edit or delete reports created by other users, you must have a role with the Edit Report and Delete Report permissions.

    For more information on users, permissions, and associations, see User Administration and Security - Overview.


  1. On Web Console, click Reports.

    The Reports page appears.

  2. To open a report where you have already added a data set, from the navigation pane, click Configuration > Reports, and next to the Report Name under Actions, click Edit.

  3. Optional: If your report has multiple pages, click the tab for the page that you want to edit.

  4. Create a Table.

  5. To add a chart or other visual component, drag a component to the Drop components to build the report box, and then configure the settings and appearance for any of the following component types:

  6. Optional: Complete any of the following tasks:

    • Rearrange the charts and tables. Drag the chart or table in the place where you want it to appear.

    • Adjust the size of a chart or table. Hover over the edges of the table or component, and then use the sizing handles to change the size.

    • Add inputs to the report. For instuctions, see Inputs for Reports.

    • Review what the report will look like. Click Preview.

    • Make the report available to a specific set of users. For instructions, see Configure Security.

  7. To save this version of your report specification in the Reports Manager, at the top of the Report Builder page, click Save.

    This version of the report appears in Reports Manager and is not yet available to end users.

  8. To make the report available to end users on the Reports page, at the top of the page, click Deploy.

    The report appears on the Reports page under Untagged.