Configuration for Oracle Database Application Migration to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic (OCI-C)

Oracle Configuration

You must have an Oracle cloud account that contains an image.

The following options are available for Oracle cloud compute creation:

  • After you create an Oracle image, you can create the cloud compute.

  • When you perform the migration, configure the Commvault software to create the cloud compute.

For instructions on creating the following items in Oracle, see Oracle Cloud.

  1. Create an Oracle account.

  2. Create an Oracle Linux instance. For information, see Oracle cloud web site, Creating Instances.

    This is the image that hosts the cloud compute instance.

  3. If you do not have a key pair, you must create one. For more information, go to the Oracle cloud web site, Enabling Secure Access to Instances Using SSH.

    Note: You must generate the SSH key by using the ssh-keygen command.

Record all of the Oracle information, before you start the Commvault configuration.