Configuring the Application Data for Protection

In the Command Center, create an app for the Google Mail and Google Drive application, and then create the subclients to define the data that you want to protect.

The app that you create acts as an interface to back up and restore user accounts from the Google application. The app contains the connection information to connect to the Google application.

You can use the subclients to define the user accounts that you want to back up. You can use the following subclients:

  • Default subclient: A default subclient is automatically created when you create the app. You can add the user accounts manually to the default subclient.

  • User-defined subclients: You can create the subclients to back up specific user accounts.


  1. Create an app.

  2. To use the default subclient to protect the application data, add the user accounts.

  3. To use a user-defined subclient to protect the application data, complete the following steps.

    1. Create a user-defined subclient.

    2. Enable auto-discovery of user accounts for the app.

    3. Define rules to auto-discover and add user accounts to the user-defined subclient.