Considerations When Upgrading the Analytics Package to Index Store

The Index Store package is an indexing engine that supports analytics and search-related tasks for several different Commvault products and features. Clients with Index Store installed are configured as Index Servers entities in the CommCell Console.

In previous releases of the Commvault software, the Index Store was named Analytics Engine and was installed using the Analytics package. Analytics Engines were configured from the Analytics Engine tab in the MediaAgent properties dialog box in the CommCell Console.

After upgrading clients to the latest service pack, the following actions are performed by the software:

  • Clients with Analytics package are automatically upgraded to the new Index Server package.

  • Each Analytics Engine in the CommCell Console is added as an Index Server entity in the CommCell Console under the Index Server node.

  • The new Index Server entities are renamed according to the original Analytics Engine client name and are suffixed by _AnalyticsServer. For example, if you had an Analytics Engine named DataServer01, the upgraded Index Server entity will be named DataServer01_AnalyticsServer.

  • All previously configured Analytics Engine roles and settings are preserved in the corresponding Index Server entities.

The following table summarizes the changes from the previous Analytic package:


Before Upgrade

After Upgrade

Installation Package Name


Index Store

Configuration Location

MediaAgent Properties dialog box > Analytics Engine tab.

CommCell Browser > Index Servers node.

Client name