Content Indexing Messages Using the Exchange Mailbox

To search the contents of archived messages in Commvault search environments such as Web Console, Compliance Search, and ContentStore Email Viewer, the archived messages must be content indexed.

You can run a content indexing job separately from an archiving job.

You can identify the data in your environment that contains one or more specific types of information by using the Content Analyzer and the entity extraction feature. You can then use that knowledge to create more targeted strategies and increase the efficiency of your data management operations.

Before You Begin

  • Each access node that is used to run content indexing jobs must have the Exchange Mailbox application and the Web Server package installed. If you did not install the Web Server package when you installed the application, you can install it separately.

  • You must enable content indexing in either the Exchange user mailbox plan or the Exchange journal mailbox plan (whichever one applies to your mailbox environment).


    On-demand previews of messages are available whether or not content indexing is configured.

  • You must install the Content Analyzer package and configure the Content Analyzer cloud for each content indexing access node (proxy client).

  • You must create the Exchange User mailbox plan or the Exchange Journal mailbox plan with the appropriate entity types selected from the entities list.