Copying the Software Package to the CommServe Cache

You can copy the Commvault software package to the CommServe cache by using the CommCell Console. If the CommServe cache already has the Commvault software, the copy operation will replace old software files with new ones.


  • The CommServe cache directory only supports packages from the current Commvault version. If you have packages from older versions, do not copy them.


  1. From the CommCell Console ribbon, click the Tools tab, and then click Add/Remove Software > Copy Software.

  2. In the Copy Software Options dialog box, complete the following steps:

    1. In the Copy Software From Location box, specify the path to the directory where the package contents are located.


      If the package is in a network or NFS share, use the Impersonate User option to specify a user account with sufficient permissions to access the share.

    2. By default, the CommCell Console copies the package to the CommServe cache and synchronizes the remote cache directories with the CommServe cache.

      If you only want to copy the package and not synchronize the remote cache directories, click the Options tab, and then click Copy.

    3. Click OK.

You can track the copy operation from the Job Controller window.