Delegating a Mailbox or a Folder Using Exchange Mailbox

Applies to: User Mailbox, Journal Mailbox, Office 365 Mailbox

Administrators can delegate a mailbox or a folder to users, user groups, or email addresses using the Command Center.

The users and the user groups that you delegate the mailbox or the folders to can use the mailbox to read and send emails.


The administrator must have the Share capability on the Exchange virtual client where the Exchange mailbox is configured.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Solutions > Applications > Exchange.

    The list of all Exchange clients appears.

  2. Click the Exchange client that contains the mailbox or the folder that you want to delegate.

    The Exchange client page appears.

  3. Right-click the mailbox that you want to delegate or that contains the folders that you want to delegate, and then click Delegate.

    The Delegate dialog box appears.

  4. Expand Create new delegation.

  5. Under the Delegate to section, enter the user names or user groups to delegate the mailbox or the folders to.

  6. Delegate either the entire mailbox or only some folders in the mailbox as follows:

    • To delegate the entire mailbox, select the Entire mailbox check box, and then click Submit.

    • To delegate only some folders, complete the following steps:

      1. Clear the Entire mailbox check box.

      2. Click Select folder.

        The Browse folder to delegate page appears.

      3. Select the folder, and then click OK.


  • Administrators can check the mailbox delegate history and all the available delegate operations for that mailbox by selecting the mailbox, and then clicking the action buttonSharing a Mailbox or a Folder Using Exchange Mailbox (1).

  • Under the Delegated Mail section, the users to whom the mailbox or folder is delegated can see the mailbox or the folder, and information such as Display Name. The users cannot delegate or delete these folders or mailboxes. They can only preview, view, download, reply to, or forward the emails.