Edge Endpoint Solutions for End Users

Edge solutions provide you with laptop and desktop data protection and security, access to your backed up files from anywhere, and search capabilities, protecting you against data breaches and making you more productive. You have immediate access to your backed up data, regardless of where it is created. You can securely share, search, and restore your backed up files using your own mobile, desktop, and laptop devices, without assistance.

Getting Started with Edge

Once you install the software, backups will be performed automatically as configured by your administrator. To get started, see one of the following:

An end user quick start guide is also available.

Key Features

  • Endpoint Data Protection - Secure back up of the data on your laptop or desktop.

  • Endpoint Data Security - File-level security and encryption to prevent unauthorized access to data on your laptop, or to securely erase data from stolen laptops.

  • Secure File Access and Sharing - Self-service access to your backed up data, from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Retrieve and view your backed up files and e-mails, and securely share files for collaboration.

  • File Synchronization - Access your most recent files or different versions, regardless of the computer they were created on, when your work is shared across multiple computers.

Edge Components

There are several components in the Edge Endpoint Solution set, listed and briefly described here.



Laptop Backup

Protect data on remote laptops and desktops.

Data Loss Prevention

File-level security that prevents unauthorized access to data on your computer.

Edge Drive

Cloud-based storage providing access your files from almost anywhere.

Edge Monitor

Monitor and control backup jobs.

Explorer Plug-In

Access your backed up files directly in Windows Explorer.

Web Console

Web-based management of backed up files.