Exchange Journal Mailbox Plan Advanced Options

Content indexing

Content indexing

Enable or disable content indexing.

Pre-generate previews

When the check box is selected, you can see a preview of a message in Commvault software search environments, such as the Web Console or ContentStore Email Viewer, for example. Your end users can see previews of messages when they browse messages in offline mode, as well as online mode. However, the previews are stored as HTML files for rapid retrieval. Therefore, you require extra secondary storage to store the previews.

When this check box is cleared, end users can only see previews of messages when they browse in online mode.

  • Preview storage location

    Enter the UNC path to the network location where preview files are located.

  • User name

    The user name of the service account that has write access to the network location.

  • Password

    The password of the service account.

  • Confirm password

    Reenter the password of the service account.


Retention rules determine how long messages remain on the MediaAgent. Retention is based on the message's received time.

Retain messages indefinitely

Messages are kept for an unlimited amount of time.

Retain messages for n days

Messages become eligible for pruning after the number of days specified has been exceeded.

Journal options

Delete archived messages after successful archive operations

When this option is enabled, the journal messages are deleted from the SMTP server (ContentStore Mailbox) or the Exchange server (Journal Mailbox) after the messages are archived.