Getting Started with the Exchange Database Application

To get started with the Exchange Database application, set up the Command Center interface in your CommCell environment, complete the database application setup wizard, configure the Exchange application, perform a backup and a restore, and then create user-defined subclients.

Step 1: Setting Up the Command Center

Set up the Command Center in your CommCell environment. For more information, see Setting Up the Command Center.

Step 2: Complete the Database Setup Wizard

Configure the Database application by completing the Database Setup Wizard.

Step 3: Prepare for the First Backup Operation and Restore Operation

  1. Configure a storage target.

  2. Create a server plan.

  3. Create an Exchange DAG client.

  4. Assign content to the default subclient.

  5. Configure manual or automatic selection of the backup source for the default subclient.

Step 4: Run the First Backup Operation and Restore Operation

Step 5: Create User-Defined Subclients

To back up specific databases, or for content that you need to back up on a separate schedule, create user-defined subclients.