Getting Started with the Virtual Server Agent for Nutanix AHV

Step 1: Before You Begin

Step 2: Install the Virtual Server Agent

For your computer's operating system, review each of the following topics to get started with the installation.


On VSA proxies that are used to perform IntelliSnap backup copy operations, install the MediaAgent package in addition to the Virtual Server Agent. The MediaAgent is required to perform mount operations on the VSA proxy.

On Windows


Step 3: Prepare for Your First Backup and Restore

  1. Open the CommCell Console.

  2. Configure a storage device.

    You can define containers in the Nutanix cluster as storage data paths in the CommCell Console.

    For information about cloud storage libraries, see Creating a Cloud Storage Library.

  3. Optional: Configure a Storage Policy. See Storage Policy - Getting Started.

  4. Create a virtualization client for the Nutanix AHV cluster.

  5. Modify the default subclient or create a user-defined subclient.

  6. Optional: Decide whether to add the following functionality:

Step 4: Run Your First Backup and Restore

Step 5: Where to Go from Here