Managing Service Packs

If a service pack is already installed in your CommCell environment, refer to the following procedures to control and manage the service pack:

  • View the Service Pack Version Details for One or More Clients

    Before or after the service pack installation, you can review the version details of the clients that you plan to update or that you updated. For more information, see Viewing the Service Pack Details for One or More Clients.

  • Set Up Alerts

    You can set up alerts to receive notifications whenever a service pack is installed on a client. For more information, see Creating an Alert from the Alert Wizard.

    To review the alert types that are available for updates, see Available Alert Criteria - Software Updates.

  • Uninstall the Service Pack (Not Supported)

    Uninstalling the current service pack (that is, rolling back to a previous service pack) is not supported.

    Service packs include software changes that might be irreversible and that are not compatible with the previous service pack. Therefore, rolling back to a previous service pack might cause unpredictable results in your CommCell environment. If you encounter a problem after installing a service pack, contact Customer Support.