Oracle Agentless SBT Parameters for RMAN Jobs

The following table lists the SBT parameters that can be used for backup and restore operations executed through the Oracle Agentless pseudo-client.






Hostname of the backup host (backup proxy).

It is recommended that the MediaAgent and backup host run on the same server to optimize network traffic between the two.



Doesn't need to be specified if default port 8400 is being used. Must be specified if the value is different on the backup host.

Port number of the backup host.



Server name specified in the Command Center configuration. This is a virtual entity.



Log file location.

If not specified the Oracle trace file location is used.



Only required if running an incremental backup

Specifies that an incremental backup is to be executed. Must be set to a value of "INCR" when running an incremental backup, in addition to specifiying the backup incremental level = 1 argument.


Required for restore

Oracle database instance name of the source Oracle server, for a restore operation.



Debug level. The logfiles are generated with the verbose range of the given value.

Valid values: 1 - 10

Default: 1


Required when restoring from a storage policy

Storage policy copy precedence for a restore.

Default: 0

Example: Values of 0 or 1 - the default primary copy is used



Required when security is enabled at the client or CommServe level, if any backup or restore job can be triggered by an authenticated and eligible user.

Path to the qlogin user token file. For information on creating the file, see Generating a qlogin User Token File.