Oracle Database Application Migration to an Amazon EC2 Instance

You can use the Commvault database migration feature to migrate the Oracle database application to an Amazon EC2 instance.

The migration operation is primarily used in the following scenarios:

  • To perform a full migration of the Oracle database application, which includes creating an EC2 client and copying the oracle binaries and oracle data.

  • To synchronize the Oracle databases, continuously. In this case, you will apply only the changes to the target database.

Key Benefits

The database application migration to Amazon EC2 instance provides the following benefits:

  • The migration operation is performed from the backups, and therefore there is no load or downtime on the source database. Also, this feature does not require any network configuration changes on the source database.

  • The EC2 client and the oracle application are created automatically before starting the actual data migration.

You can create instances (virtual computing environments) based on Amazon Machine Images (AMIs). You can create an AMI from a predefined template, or a custom template that meets the Amazon requirements.

An Amazon environment includes regions for different geographical areas, and regions contain different locations referred to as availability zones. Instances are associated with regions and zones.

Solution Components

The following Commvault entities are part of this solution:





Required Commvault packages


CommServe server

On-premises or Amazon cloud

  • Manages administrative functions

  • Communicates with MediaAgents when the media subsystem requires management

  • Communicates with agents to initiate data protection, management and recovery operations

  • Provides tools to administer and manage the CommCell environment

Command Center

The following packages are automatically selected:

  • File System Core

  • File System

  • Web Console

  • Web Server

  • Workflow Engine



On-premises or Amazon cloud

Moves the data and manages storage.


Source client

Linux server


Contains the source database that is to be migrated

  • Unix File System

  • Database Agent

Proxy client

Windows server

On-premises or Amazon cloud

Communicates between the Amazon EC2 instance and the CommServe and MediaAgent using REST APIs.

  • Windows File System

  • Virtualization Agent

VSA client

Virtualization Client on Amazon Hypervisor

Not Applicable

The agent is the access point for the Amazon EC2 instance.

  • Virtualization Agent

How It Works

When you initiate the migration operation, the Commvault software uses the File System Agent to copy the Oracle application to the specified AMI. It then sends the Oracle database backup to Amazon. The software then performs the Live Sync operation according to the options that you choose.

After the migration is complete, the Amazon Machine Image (AMI) contains the Oracle application Amazon EC2 instance that contains the Oracle application and Oracle database backup.

You can use an existing EC2 instance, or you can specify a new EC2 instance name and the Commvault software creates the instance in the Amazon cloud.

If you need additional storage for the data, you can add a new storage device for the new or existing instance.


The following components are required for Oracle database application migration:

  • An Amazon EC2 account that has an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) and an EC2 instance. These are the destinations for the application and data.

  • The Oracle Agent - The agent is the access point for your Oracle database that is the migration source.

  • The VSA Agent for Amazon - The agent is the access point for the Amazon EC2 instance.