Resetting Maintenance Failovers

After performing the necessary maintenance activity on the production CommServe host, switch CommCell operations back to the production CommServe host by resetting the maintenance failover.

Before You Begin

  • Set the CommServe server on restore-only mode by performing a maintenance failover to the standby CommServe host. For more information on performing a maintenance failover, see Initiating Maintenance Failovers.


  1. Log on to either the production CommServe host computer, or the standby CommServe host computer.

  2. Click Start and point to All Programs.

  3. Click Commvault > Process Manager. Open the Process Manager associated with the SQL client.


    The SQL client will have the Failover Assistant tab as shown in the following sample image.

    Failover steps (1)

  4. On the Failover Assistant tab, select the following options:

    • From the Failover To list, click the name of the active node.

    • From the Failover Type list, click Production.

  5. Click Initiate Failover.

  6. On the Confirm prompt, type confirm and click Ok.


  • The sequence of tasks performed to complete the failover is displayed in the Process Manager window.

  • All activities in the CommCell are enabled, and all jobs are automatically resumed in the Job Controller.

What to Do Next

  • If client certificate authentication during installation was disabled before the failover, set the Force per-client certificate authentication option to Yes from the CommCell Console > Control Panel > Certificate Administration dialog box. For more information on enabling this option, see Enabling Client Certificate Authentication on the CommServe Computer.