Scheduling Overview

You can schedule jobs to perform CommCell operations on a regular basis without user intervention. Custom calendars can be used to create weekly, monthly and yearly schedules, and you can define specific days as holidays for those days on which you do not want to run schedules. When your CommCell is spread across several time zones, you can schedule jobs to run using one of the following time zones:

  • CommServe time zone

  • Client computer time zone

  • Specific time zone

You can manually run a scheduled job at any time, allowing you to run a job again without re-configuring all the other properties associated with the job. This is particularly helpful when you need to re-run a failed job from one-time schedules, such as scheduled restore jobs.

Commvault offers predefined schedules that address some common operations. These schedules can be customized by the administrator. For example, the system-created schedule for database maintenance runs at 3 P.M. every other Sunday.

Leap Year Note: If a monthly job is scheduled to run on a day that a month does not have, the job runs on the last day of that month. For example, jobs scheduled to run on the thirtieth of each month will run on February 29 in a leap year or February 28 in other years.