Job Management

The direct management of CommCell jobs is performed using the Job Controller. To begin using the Job Controller, see Getting Started with the Job Controller.

There are additional CommCell job management functions you can configure as well.

Activity Control

Enable or disable jobs from all levels of the hierarchy in the CommCell. See Activity Control.

Activity Monitoring

Monitor CommCell activity either on a smart device or in the CommCell Console. See Commvault NOW - Overview and CommCell Console - Advanced.

Customize Calendars and Operations Windows

Define calendars for Schedules, Data Aging and Auxiliary Copy operations, and restrict activity types to certain times of the day. See Custom Calendars Overview and Operation Window Overview.

Error Conditions

Define rules to control and update the status of jobs. See Customizing Completed with Errors Condition - Overview.


View events and status information for jobs. See Event Viewer Overview.

Job History

View detailed, historical information about a job. See Job History Overview.

Job Priority

Define which job has precedence over other competing jobs. See Overview of Job Priorities and Priority Precedence.

Job Restartability

Configure job types for restartability, maximum number of restart attempts, the interval, and other options. See Overview of Job Restartability.

Job Results Location

Define where job results files are stored. See Job Results Directory Overview.

Job Schedules

Schedule jobs to perform CommCell operations on a regular basis without user intervention. See Overview of Scheduling.

Job Throttling

Limit the number of data and log backup jobs that run simultaneously. See Throttling Backup Jobs.

Operation Window

Prevent operations from running during certain time periods of the day. See Operation Window Overview.

Schedule Policies

Create a schedule policy as a template when multiple clients or tasks require similar operations to be scheduled. See Overview of Schedule Policy.

CommCell Access