Secondary Copy (Synchronous Copy)

A secondary copy provides the means to make additional copies of the data located on the primary copy. Secondary Copies are useful when you want to make consistent point-in-time copies of data within the cycle.

In a synchronous copy, all backup jobs (full, incremental, differential, transaction log or archive job) that are written to the primary copy are copied. An auxiliary copy operation must be performed to replicate the data to the secondary copy.

Although a secondary copy can use the same library as the primary, we recommend you to use a different library for a secondary copy.

Note: You cannot enable deduplication after creation of a synchronous copy. To configure deduplication, you must enable deduplication at the time of copy creation. For instructions, see Creating a Storage Policy Copy with Deduplication.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, expand Policies > Storage Policies.

  2. Right-click the appropriate storage policy, click All Tasks > Create New Copy.

  3. In the Copy Properties dialog box, specify the following settings, and then click OK.

    1. In the Copy Name box, a default name is automatically populated and is in the following format. However, if you want, then you can type a different name in the field.


      Where X is the number of the storage policy copy. For example, if it is the first copy then the default name of the storage policy copy is Copy_2.

    2. From the Library list, select the name of a library.

    3. From the MediaAgent list, select the name of a MediaAgent.

    4. From the Drive Pool list, select the name of a drive pool.

    5. From the Scratch Pool list, select the name of the scratch pool.

      Drive Pool and Scratch Pool are applicable only for tape libraries.

  4. If there is data is either older than 14 days or more than 10 TB on the source copy, then a confirmation popup appears that will prompt you to select the Backup On and After Date option instead of the All Backup option.

    • If you click Yes, then on the Copy Policy tab clear the All Backup checkbox and select a date for the Backups On and After list.

    • If you click No, then a synchronous storage policy copy will be created with the All Backup option selected.


  • On V11 installs, secondary copies are automatically associated with the System Created Autocopy schedule policy.

    The system created automatic copy schedule repeatedly runs the auxiliary copy job everyday, at 30 minute time intervals.

  • For setups that are upgraded from the previous version, in the Auxiliary Copy Schedule dialog box, click OK to accept the default schedules.

  • The copy is automatically associated to a pre-existing schedule of the storage policy, if the schedule was created with the All Copies option enabled. See System Created Automatic Auxiliary Copy Schedule Policy for more information.

What To Do Next

Run an auxiliary copy operation to copy the data to the secondary copy. For instructions, see Performing an Auxiliary Copy.