SMTP Journaling Configurations for the Exchange Server

The process of configuring SMTP journaling uses both the Commvault software and the Exchange server.

How you perform each procedure depends on whether your Exchange server environment is on-premises or hosted (Office 365 with Exchange).

The following is a high-level description of the configurations that you must perform on the Exchange server.

Steps to Configure the Exchange Server for SMTP Journaling

  1. Create a remote domain.

    A remote domain so that the journaled messages can be sent outside of your organization to the ContentStore Mailbox.

  2. Create a mail contact.

    The mail contact is the external email address of the ContentStore Mailbox that will receive the journal reports.

  3. Create a Send connector.

    The Send connector sends the journal reports to the ContentStore Mail Server (SMTP).

  4. Create journal rules.

How you perform procedure for each step of the process depends on whether you use on-premises servers or Office 365 with Exchange servers.