Subclient Properties (Activity Control)

Use this dialog box to enable or disable backups on a selected subclient.

Data Management and Recovery Activity

Enable Backup/Archive

Specifies whether backups will occur for this subclient.

If you do not select the Enable Backup/Archive check box, then the following rules apply:

  • The software does not start any scheduled backups for the subclient.

  • Backups that are running or waiting to run complete do not complete.

  • The software does not resume any stopped backup jobs.

  • The software does not start any pending backups for this subclient until you enable backup operations on the subclient

  • The Enable after a Delay button appears. Click Enable after a Delay to configure the date and time that the software enables the subclient backup operations.

(Job states are indicated in the Job Controller.)

Exclude from SLA and Strike Counts

When this option is selected, the subclient is excluded from the SLA (Service Level Agreement) calculation and the Client Strike calculation for the Worldwide Dashboard, CommCell Dashboard, SLA Report, and Client Strike Count Report. When this option is cleared, the subclient is included in these calculations.