Virtualization and Cloud

The Virtualization solution streamlines the process of backing up virtual machines, restoring virtual machine data, and monitoring protection operations.

To get started quickly, you can perform simple configuration of virtual machine hypervisors, storage, and VM groups in a few minutes, then run backups immediately. You can initiate backups and restores, get information about virtual machine protection, and manage jobs, schedules, alerts, events, and users.

If the Virtualization solution is not displayed when you open the Command Center, select Solutions > Virtualization from the navigation pane. This option is only available after you have completed the setup for Virtualization.

Key Features

  • Protect virtual machines for the following hypervisors:

    • Alibaba Cloud

    • Amazon

    • Google Cloud Platform

    • Microsoft Azure

    • Microsoft Azure Stack

    • Microsoft Hyper-V

    • Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV)

    • OpenStack

    • Oracle Cloud Classic

    • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

    • Oracle VM

    • Red Hat Virtualization (RHV)

    • vCloud Director

    • VMware (vCenter or ESX server)

  • Quickly configure hypervisors, storage, and VM groups (collections of virtual machines) to back up.

  • Back up virtual machines immediately or by using a defined schedule. You can also back up individual VMs on demand.

  • Restore full virtual machines, disks, and guest files with granular backup and recovery options.

  • Use the dashboard view to monitor jobs, events, and alerts.