Adding an Automatic Schedule for Incremental Backup

You can add an automatic incremental backup schedule to a specific backup set or subclient.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, expand Client Computers > client > agent.

  2. Choose the entity where the automatic schedule will be created:

    • To add the automatic schedule to a backup set, right-click the backup_set, and then click All Tasks > Backup All Subclients.

    • To add the automatic schedule to a subclient, click the backup_set, right-click the subclient, and then click Backup.

    The Backup Options dialog appears.

  3. On the Backup Options tab under Select Backup Type, select Incremental.

  4. Under Job Initiation, select Schedule, and then click Configure.

    The Schedule Details dialog appears.

  5. In the Schedule Name box, enter a unique name for the schedule.

  6. Select a recurrence pattern for the schedule (for example, One Time, Daily, Weekly, etc.).

  7. Select a Start Time for the schedule.

  8. Select the days of the week that the scheduled backup should run.

  9. Enter further refinements for the schedule in the Repeat section.

  10. For advanced schedule options, click Options and then enter information in the Advanced Schedule Options dialog.

  11. Click OK.

    To view the jobs that are associated with the backup set or the subclient, see Viewing Job Schedules.