Additional Installations Operations Using the Installation Package

The installation package offers a variety of installation options to help you deploy the Commvault software on your environment.

The following list describes additional operations that you can perform using the installation package.

  • Create a Custom Package

    Create a custom installation package with the agents and configurations that your environment needs. For more information, see Custom Packages.

  • Create an Application Seed Package

    Create an application seed package that installs the Commvault software, and can also install additional Commvault features without requiring the installation media to reside locally on the machine. For more information, see Application Seed Packages.

  • Create a Solaris IPS Package

    Create IPS packages for Solaris environments that use a network based package management system. For more information, see Solaris IPS Packages.

  • Run Unattended Installations

    Install the software silently on a computer using an answer file. For more information, see Unattended Installations.

    The following list describes advanced operations for specific deployment scenarios:

  • Preinstall Commvault as a Software Image

    If you want to install the Commvault software on computers that will be distributed to different organizations or CommCell environments, see Preinstall Commvault as a Software Image.