Unattended Installation

You can install Commvault on one or more computers in silent mode. This type of installation is called unattended.

Unattended installations are useful in the following scenarios:

  • Users want to install the software without any interaction.

  • Users have a batch script to run administrative tasks on their computers. They want to configure the batch script to run the installation.

  • You want to deploy Commvault on multiple computers by using a third-party software, such as the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). The third-party software installs Commvault silently without user intervention.

To perform unattended installations, you must have an answer file. During the creation of a custom package, you can generate an answer file by recording the options you select from the installation wizard. Use the answer file as a template for unattended installations across multiple computers.

To install the software in silent mode (without being prompted for information), you must specify all the installation preferences that your environment requires during the package creation.

Process Flow

Unattended installations involve the following tasks:

Create a custom package.

During the package creation, you must save (record) your selections to generate the answer file.

Run unattended installations by using the answer file.