Backup Sets - OES File System


During installation of the OES File System iDataAgent, the system automatically creates a default backup set, which contains a default subclient. After installation, you have the option of creating a user-defined backup set, which also will contain a default subclient.

OES File System iDataAgent Configurable Properties

Once installed, the agent is configured and is therefore able to manage the data or volumes on the client computer. However, you can change certain aspects of the backup set configuration to manage the data in the manner that best suits your needs.

You can view or change the backup set configuration from the Backup Set Properties dialog box. The following information can be configured for the OES File System iDataAgent:

Make This the Default Backup Set

Specifies whether the selected backup set is the default or a user-defined backup. Selecting this option asserts this backup set as the default.

Check Archive Bit During Backups

This option influences the way incremental and differential backups are conducted for all subclients within the backup set. It does not affect the behavior of full backups. See Backup Set/ Archive Set Properties (General), for more information.

Note: A file that is moved or renamed will not be backed up without the archive bit set at the backup set level.

Decompress Data before Backup

The OES File System data can be in compressed format on a volume that supports compression, and data in compressed format can only be restored to a volume that supports compression. The Decompress Data before Backup option allows you to select whether to decompress data that is in compressed format on the backup media and can be restored to either a compressed or uncompressed volume. By default, data is backed up in a compressed format if the data is on a volume that supports compression.