Open Enterprise Server (OES)

The OES File System iDataAgent is a backup and restore vehicle for NSS file system data (i.e., files and directories) residing on OES computer systems. This File System iDataAgent is just one of several iDataAgents that provide backup and restore support for different kinds of data in what is often a heterogeneous network environment.

Supported Data Types


To secure a GroupWise database, you may use the OES File System iDataAgent. Any other agent (e.g., Windows File System iDataAgent) cannot be used to secure a GroupWise database.
Note that to secure a GroupWise database using the OES File System iDataAgent, Novell's TSAFS.NLM must be loaded with the EnableGW switch.

Data Protection Operations for the following data types are supported by the OES File System iDataAgent:

  • NSS Volumes (NSS32 and NSS64)

  • All types of namespaces

All other File Systems Supported by the OES Linux Operating System should be protected by the Linux File System iDataAgent.

You can also use the Linux File System iDataAgent to protect the NSS volumes. However, the Linux File System iDataAgent does not back up trustee information and permissions by default. For NSS volumes to preserve the trustee information and permissions, you must enable the Linux extended attributes (XAttr) option prior to running a backup job. For more information on enabling the XAttr option, see the Novell documentation site. At the time of restore, you must select the Restore ACLs option to restore the trustee information and permissions along with the data.

GroupWise 2012/2014/2014 R2

To back up GroupWise 2012/2014/2014 R2 databases that reside on NSS volumes, use the OES File System iDataAgent.

To back up GroupWise 2012/2014/2014 R2 databases that reside on non-NSS volumes, use the Linux File System Agent. Create a new subclient and configure it to point to the exact path of the GroupWise 2012/2014/2014 R2 databases. For more information, see Creating a Subclient to Back Up GroupWise 2012/2014/2014 R2 Databases.

Tree Levels in the OES File System iDataAgent

When the OES File System iDataAgent is installed, the following levels are automatically created in the CommCell Browser.


krusty: Client

OES File System: Agent

defaultBackupSet: Backup Sets

default: Subclients

License Requirements

To perform a data protection operation using this Agent a specific Product License must be available in the CommServe® Server.

For general information about licenses, see the Commvault Licensing Program Guide. Also, Applying a License in the CommCell Console provides step-by-step instructions on how to view and apply licenses.