CommServe Upgrade with Hardware Refresh: Preparing the New Hardware

Prepare the new hardware before moving the CommServe database.


To review upgrade recommendations based on your CommCell environment, see CommServe Upgrade with Hardware Refresh Use Cases.


  1. Get the new hardware.

    The new hardware must meet the specifications mentioned in Hardware Specifications. The new hardware must not be an existing client in your CommCell environment.

  2. Determine the following:

    • Do you want to use the same computer host name and IP settings?


      Using the same network details in the new CommServe computer will simplify the process. For example, you may want to keep the same network details if you have data interface pairs configured between the CommServe computer and other clients.

    • Do you want to separate the computer host name from the computer name?

      Follow the instructions in Configuring a Floating Host Name for the CommServe or MediaAgent Software.

  3. Install the Operating System on the new computer.

    For supported operating systems, see System Requirements - CommServe.


    If you plan to use the same network details, do not connect the new computer to the network. The computer can be connected later in the process, after shutting down the old CommServe computer.

  4. Configure the Internet Information Services (IIS) on the new computer.

    IIS is required for the following:

    • CommCell Console

    • Web Console

  5. The latest Commvault software must be accessible from the new CommServe computer.


    The installation package must include the same set of packages as the old CommServe computer. If you have a cluster environment, you must have the same set of packages on all of the cluster nodes, both active and passive. To see the list of packages installed on a CommServe computer, in the CommCell Browser, right-click the CommServe node, and in the CommCell Properties dialog box, on the Version tab, review the packages under Update status.

    To obtain the necessary software, create an installation package using the Download Manager application. For instructions, see Downloading Software for Windows Computers Using the Download Manager.

  6. Ensure that you have the latest Commvault Service Packs from version 9 or 10.

  7. If you have the File Archiver Agent for BlueArc, Celerra, or NetApp installed on your Version 9 CommServe computer, ensure that you recall the stubs.